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Biokovo Uphill 2019.



International  Bike Race from Makarska (sea level) to Sv. Jure (1762m), the summit of Biokovo mountain at the Biokovo Nature Park  
      a.       Date Sunday, May 19th 2019. In the case of severe weather conditions the Biokovo Uphill 2019 («Race»)  will be cancelled. The alternative date will be announced in due time. The Race is organized to honour the World Day of  Biodiversity and the Day of Nature Protection in Croatia. Our partner in organizing this project is the public institution "Nature Park Biokovo"  
      b.       Route Asphalt road, 32 km, from 0 to 1762m above the sea level. Official route record, held by the last year's winner Robert Kralj, is under 95 minutes (1:31:30).  
      c.       Entry availability Entries are available to adults 18 years and over, and minors with the written consent of parents or legal guardians (the consent agreement is to be signed before the start). Wearing the protective helmet at all times during the Race is compulsory.  
      d.       Categories   1. Mountain bikes (1.9 or wider tires): Men  under  20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50+ 2. Mountain bikes (1.9 or wider tires): Women (age categories will be decided upon the number of corresponding entries, minimum 3 starters  per category) 3. Road bikes (Road bikes, trekking and mountain bikes with tires under 1.9in): Men under  20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50+ 4. Road bikes (Road bikes, trekking and mountain bikes with tires under 1.9in): Women (age categories will be decided upon the number of corresponding entries, minimum 3 starters  per category). 5. Also to be awarded: The oldest participant to finish the Race 6. Also to be awarded: The youngest participant to finish the Race 7. Setting the route record will be awarded with the prize of 3000kn.  
e.     Registrations and Fee Entries are to be made to the Organizer's e-mail: zidic.neno@gmail.com  or zvonko.mateljak@gmail.com  or on our facebook page: BK Makarska https://www.facebook.com/bkmakarska/ via messages or comments. Entries are possible until one hour before the start of the Race. The start fee for adults is 100 kn,  and 50kn for minors. 
Start fee can be payed to the bank account of the Organizer, The number of the bank account is IBAN: HR67 2407 0001 1006 1865 9. Please provide your first and last name and the date of birth, and have the copy of the payment confirmation. Start fee can also be payed on the Race Day, by the amount of 150kn.  
Entries should also contain the starter's t-shirts size and a number of accompanying persons.  
The start fee includes:                                     
- entrance to the Nature Park of Biokovo (rider and escort)                                     
- T-shirt                                     
- refreshment along the route                                     
- lunch                                     
- transfer of the equipment from the Start to the Finish goal (backpacks, etc.)
Please be aware of the high mountain weather and have a protective clothes, sunblock, etc.                                     
- insurance of all our competitors.     
f.       Race Program The Start of the Race will  take place at the waterfront of Makarska in front of the City Building at 10:00am. (registration of participants from 8:00 to 9:50 am at the waterfront. The closed start (7km) will be accompanied by the police vehicle(s) to the highway (state road D-8) in the direction of Vrgorac (state road D-512) until the route turns to the entrance to Biokovo Nature Park ( 7km from the start). The traffic will not be closed. The entrance to the Nature Park will be closed until 15:00 for all, except for the race participants (competitors, escort, organization and personnel). Parking place will be  provided for all participants at the location near to the shore and ŠRD "Arbun" – Šetalište (Promenade) Svetog Petra 2 / Plišćevac.   The refreshment along the route will be provided at several locations depending on the weather conditions.  Each race participant enters the Race at her/his own risk, and the Organizer will not be held responsible for the damage caused by the participant to himself, to the environment or to a third person. The maximum race time is 4 hours (2 p. m, local time).  This Race is organized in accordance with the Regulations for Recreational Cycling Events of the Croatian Cycling Federation.  
      g.       Awards The cash prizes for the first three places in the four Absolute categories (Road ad MTB Men and Women) and medals for the first and second place in the age  subcategories, and also for categories 5 and 6. The route record will be awarded with a special cash prize of 3000kn.  
      h.      Lunch and the Award ceremony The Award ceremony will be held after the official conclusion of the Race in front of ŠRD "Arbun" at Plišćevac (by the Hotel Miramare). During the Race and especially when returning to Makarska, the participants must have an extra caution on the downhill to Makarska due to the damages road and traffic. Please keep in mind our nature and biodiversity of Biokovo and do not toss away paper and plastic!

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