Extreme Biokovo Challenge


Start: 06:30, Brela 
Finish: Pod Vošcem (mountain hut) 
Length: 44.6 km 
Ascent: 4220 m+ 
Descent: 2920 m-
ITRA points: 23
Mountain level: 11 
Time limit: 14:00 hours

When asked to describe the trails of the Absolute Biokovo Challenge in a few short words, most would probably use these words: amazing views, steep, difficult, breathtaking, wild, Biokovo never disappoints.

However, even those words are not enough to convey the beauty, wilderness and magic of one of the most beautiful and highest mountains in Croatia. The race passes through the most impressive parts of the mountain, which are also part of the Nature Park. It climbs and descends steep paths carved and built through the cliffs, winds along small ridges between sinkholes, runs through a forest of pine, beech and mountain maple…

The race starts from Brela, at sea level, where after one kilometer on the sea promenade, the path goes above Brela to the 200-year-old Napoleon road, which is a protected cultural asset of the Republic of Croatia. After a few hundred meters from Napoleon's road, you descend on the singletrack to the small village of Topići, at the footsteps of Biokovo, from where you climb steeply to the area of Pakline - known for its century-old black pine forest.. A long descent through the forest leads to Sokolove Staje, the first refreshment and control point (time limit) at about 12.6 km. 

From Sokolove Staje, the course goes by the church of St. Nikola and after few kilometers begins the ascent to the peak area of Biokovo, via the Kale shelter (1450 m/asl) to the top of Šćirovac (1619 m/asl), which is known as the most inaccessible peak in Croatia. From Šćirovac, across the pass of Vraca to the church of Sv. Ilija, you pass perhaps the most impressive ridge in Croatia. On St. Ilija is refreshment only with water, the maximum amount of which is half a liter per runner. From St. Ilija, there is a long descent to the village of Bast where is refreshment point and control point (time limit), at about 29 km. From Bast, the path follows the panoramic Biokovo path on gravel road for a few kilometers to the area of Miletin bor where the third refreshment point and control point is, where it again turns steeply along the narrow path along the Borovac cliff all the way to the Slobodan Ravlić - Lokva mountain house (1445 m/nm). 

From Lokva, the path winds over narrow ridges between sinkholes to the road below Sv. Jure  where is the fourth refreshment point is and the control point (time limit). From there, a steep ascent leads to the highest peak in Biokovo - Sv. Jure (1762 m/asl)from where the incredible view opens in all directions. From St. Jure, the path descends over the Troglav ridges (perhaps the most photogenic part of the path, so be prepared for a photographer) to the mountain house Pod Vošcem where is the finish. 

The track is extremely physically and technically demanding, which is why the number of competitors is limited to 45, and in order to be able to compete in the race, a minimum of 420 ITRA performance points is required, or that the competitor has completed a race of similar difficulty, which was not scored according to ITRA ( the organizer has the right to assess and decide whether to allow to participate). The time limit to finish the race is 14 hours. 

The course is certified by the International Skyrunning Federation, which makes it the only Skyrunning race in Croatia, along with the Sky course. 

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