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The learning path of the ancient Berulia from Subotišće to the St. Nicholas Church is around 2,700 m long, and it can be completed in about an hour or a little more than that in one direction, depending on the stamina of the visitor.
It is marked with nine learning tables. This is an easy mountain path; its tour lasts for about 1 hour. Of course, just like for any other mountaineering path, you will need firm footwear.
The start of the path is at today’s centre of Brela Gornja, at Subotišće. The path will then take you to the recently deserted Gornja Mala settlement with the old church of Our Lady of Health from the transition of the 17th to the 18th century, old stone houses, barns and wells. Then the path on its right side leaves the Illyrian cemetery called Gomila and the ancient Besedišće settlement, it passes beside the Klešići settlement, the Vodice spring, the Mrkore cave, and thick pine forest of an foreboding name of Dubrava (Grove), up to the St. Nicholas Church (572 m above the sea) from the 14th century – until recently a centuries long patron saint of Brela.
Traces of the past times bear witness at every step: pastures and meadows, “live” spring water, pens and shepherds stalls on the slopes of a tame mountain where sheep, goats, horses, mules and donkeys were grazing. One used to hunt for partridges and rabbits, and since recently for wild boars and chamois. Nowadays in this landscape you can meet nature lovers: hikers, mountaineers, tourists, pupil excursions, groups of pensioners ... The smell of heather, sage, Spanish broom and Dalmatian Laburnum cures the soul, inviting the hikers and lovers of this tame mountain. Birds are nesting and chirping from the trees.
The learning path has many things to show, and even more so to bear witness to the genuine jewel of nature, to the creations of horny hands of its inhabitants attached to their hearth and their permanent battle for subsistence and survival in harmonious coexistence with nature.

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