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Easier mountain trails

Mountain trails are designated from Gornji Kričak, which is the starting point.

You can get a map in the office of the Tourist Board Brela!

Easier mountain trails suitable for recreation and nature lovers are:  

1. Gornji Kričak – Topići – descent to the small city Baška Voda – return along the sea to Brela: walking time approx. 4h, length approx. 10 km, easy trail

2. Gornji Kričak – Viewpoint - educational trail French road - St. Kajo chapel – return to Gornji Kričak: walking time approx.  2h, length approx. 4 km, easy trail

3. Gornji Kričak – St. Kajo chapel – Bride’s cliff (Nevistina stina) – church of St. Nicholas – return to Gornji Kričak: walking time approx.  4h, length approx. 6 km, easy trail



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