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The Chapel of St. Kajo

The Chapel of St. Kajo exists since as far back as 1768. The miniature church was built on a rock along the ancient path towards the mountain pass Nevista (494 n/m), from ancient times till Middle Ages surrounded by cemeteries.
There are a number of legends about the area surrounding this chapel. From the saddle moving west was a 1.5 m high cross as this was the place where the Virgin Mary appeared to the inhabitants of Brela, warning them that they would be attacked by the people of Senj. She not only warned them but also saved them by killing the people of Senj with hemp.  Even today we can still see the tombs under St. Kajo and in the direction of the French road. That cross has been kissed by passers-by both on their arrival and on their departure from the area that is during every time they pass St. Kajo. Above St. Kajo is a plate in the form of a cart. Older people used to forbid children from passing over it as they were convinced that it was a place where fairies played and were afraid that they might take their children away.


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