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The French road or Napoleon's road

The French Road on YouTube
The road represents an exceptional architectural contribution in road construction from the beginning of the 19th century (built during the period 1810-1811). It was never completed so it is possible to reconstruct all phases of its construction. It was built, or rather laid, on a slope of Biokovo, between 357.41 and 443.73 meters above sea level. The rise does not exceed 6%, in order to make the road very comfortable for driving carts, horse-riding and walking. The architect Frane Zavoreo is the project engineer of the French road on Biokovo.
Interpretation boards are positioned along the road, in order to bring you closer and to provide you an understanding and to explain you the manner and purpose of building this truly exceptional and valuable road. In addition, the entire road is a wonderful viewpoint on Brela, the Riviera of Makarska and the islands!
The French road is listed in the Register of Cultural Goods of Croatia on 25th September 2017.

(WARNING: Easy, but mountain trail!)
The French, during their domination (1808-1813) constructed a road along Dalmatia - from Obrovac to Boka Kotorska in a very short period of time. Today this road is known as “Napoleon's Road" or the "French Road" and was built primarily thanks to Napoleon's military commander and duke of Dubrovnik, August Marmont, who is remembered the history of Croatia for the numerous advanced measures he implemented within the Croatian region as military commander of Dalmatia and deputy of the Illyrian regions.

Here this road would have connected the Makarska Littoral with the French Road that passed through the hinterland of the mountain Biokovo, in direction Grabovac – Zagvozd- Župa- Rašćani over the Nevista and Poletnica (Brela Gornja – Upper Brela) passes. Local people too were involved obliged to work for the road’s construction process and were paid in food. Unfortunately, due to the withdrawal of the French military forces, this part of the road remained unfinished although is possible to see under passes Nevista and Poletnica from the valuable parts of the dry-stone walls that surrounded it.

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