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Bekavci - Ivandić building complex

It is located in the Donji Kričak area. With its anthological construction features, it is a representative piece of popular architecture. The Bekavci-Ivandić complex of houses was started to be built in 1880 and developed gradually since then.

Nowadays it is rarely inhabited, while in 1938 there were 58 inhabitants living in those very houses. The first school in Brela (Donja) was also built here; it operated until 1950. All the houses were built as ground-floor houses made of carved stone. They were constructed one near the other so that all of them have a joint yard with wells.

This facility is protected as a cultural monument.

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The Blue flower award 2012.

Croatian National Tourist Board BLUE FLOWER action includes evaluating the tidiness of Croatian coastal resorts as a whole and the individual elements.

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