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Sacral facilities

The Church of St. Ilija

Situated in Ribičići, in the foothill of the mountain Biokovo, built in 1906, although on the same foundations there was previously built a church in 1760.

Lady of Health Church (the new one)

The distric church of Brela Gornja. It was built in 1939.

St. Roko Chapel

The Chapel of St. Rocco was built in 1856 nearby the parish house, at the area of the lost, maybe even Roman cemetery. During the building of the Church of St. Stephen at the end of the 19th century, Holy Mass was celebrated every day in this chapel. Saint Rochus is one of the most favourite European saints and many settlements, parishes, churches and chapels worldwide and throughout Croatia are dedicated to him.  We celebrate the feast day of Saint Rochus on 16th August.    

The Little Chapel of St. Rocco at Gornji Kričak

The Little Chapel of St. Rocco at Gornji Kričak was built in 1816 as a vow to the end of the outbreak of plague.

The small Chapel of Our Lady on Dubci

Built in the pass in 1870, however during the construction of the road it was dislocated.

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The Blue flower award 2012.

Croatian National Tourist Board BLUE FLOWER action includes evaluating the tidiness of Croatian coastal resorts as a whole and the individual elements.

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