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Sacral facilities

The parish Church of St. Stephen

TripAdvisor reviews The parish church of St. Stephen Protomartyr was built in historicism shapes in 1887-1897 and it is positioned at the location of the more modest predecessor from the beginning of the 18th century. Today’s belfry, completed in 1966, changed the neo-romanticism church façade with a bell gable. The church is mentioned as far back as 1626, in the Ottoman period, which proves the existence of the former, medieval building. With its position it is connected with the ...

The Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

TripAdvisor reviews Situated in Soline, a valuable monument of the baroque architecture in harmony with the surroundings. Since it was built in 1715 in the appreciation of the victory against the Turks, it is also known as the Church of Lady of Victory. The bishop of Makarska Nikola Bijanković (1645-1730) – an enthusiast when it comes to Brela obliged Brela and the inhabitants of Brela in many things. After the victory over the Ottomans near Sinj in 1715, he built the church of Our Lady ...

Lady of Health Church (the old one)

Situated in Brela Gornja, the church dates from the beginning of the 18th century, with the rustic form of Dalmatian baroque, characteristic for Dalmatian hinterland.  

The Church of St. Nicholas

The church from the pre-Turkish period, around five centuries old, situated on the hill 572 metres high, under Bukovac. St. Nicholas has been for centuries – until recently – the patron of Brela.

The Chapel of St. Kajo

The Chapel of St. Kajo exists since as far back as 1768. The miniature church was built on a rock along the ancient path towards the mountain pass Nevista (494 n/m), from ancient times till Middle Ages surrounded by cemeteries. There are a number of legends about the area surrounding this chapel. From the saddle moving west was a 1.5 m high cross as this was the place where the Virgin Mary appeared to the inhabitants of Brela, warning them that they would be attacked by the people of Senj. She ...

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The Blue flower award 2012.

Croatian National Tourist Board BLUE FLOWER action includes evaluating the tidiness of Croatian coastal resorts as a whole and the individual elements.

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