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The Makarska Riviera was the first stage of the international cycling race around Croatia - Tour of Croatia, held from 22nd to 26th April 2015 on a 900 km route stretching along the Adriatic coast and in the interior of the country. The race passed through eight districts, nine cities, two national parks and three nature parks, sending images of the most beautiful Croatian landscapes throughout the world. This top-quality sports tourism event gathered 20 international professional cycling teams with 160 competitors.

It is possible to take a bike ride on the territory of the Makarska Riviera during the entire year due to extraordinarily favourable weather conditions. The coastal area of the Makarska Riviera is around 60 km long and 3 km wide, just at the foothills of the Biokovo mountain.

During the warmer times of the year we recommend that you finish the ride by 10 o’clock in order to spend the warmest part of the day on one of our numerous beaches or enjoying refreshments in a beach bar. A particularly beautiful time for a bicycle ride in Brela and the Makarska Riviera are the autumn and the spring.

Route Description:
The route begins from the Maestral Hotel in Brela, along the narrow pathway to Punta Rata. Along the shore, there is a paved trail right along the beach, all the way to Jakiruša. From here the route comes out onto the main road and then a gravel road towards Novaci, where it begins to climb up towards the old hamlet of Kričak. Next to the Church and St. George (Jurje) and its cemetery, the trail runs past the hamlet Bartulovići towards Topići and on towards the village Bast. From here, the route runs on the gravel road, caution is needed on the downhill stretch to Baškovići; then to Veliko Brdo, then the new gravel trail passes above the village eastwards to Makar. Along the edge of the mountain, the route runs through Mlinice to Kotišina and then along the paved road to Makarska. From the Makarska towards the west, the route follows the promenade from the Plaža restaurant to the Makarska tennis centre, and then along the gravel road right along the beach to under Kuk, where a single track trail begins in the dense forest and runs all the way to Krvavica. Here, it climbs up the paved trail towards Bratuš and Promajna, and then further along the paved road through Baško Polje to Baška Voda and on towards Brela. Once you reach the Soline Hotel, descend down towards the harbour, where there is a connection to the walkway all the way to Maestral Hotel.
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Caffe bar Surf ; +385 (0)92 175 17 44
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Lanterna (info caffe bar); gsm. +385 (0)98 172 35 20

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