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The sun and the sea

In Brela the coastal part is around 6.5 km long, so that apart from a relaxing walk along the sea, you can enjoy also one of the most beautiful, natural, gravel beaches of the Mediterranean. It is difficult to decide which shore is the most beautiful, but the most famous is certainly the Punta Rata Beach that Forbes in 2004 listed among the most beautiful beaches in the world. However, you will recognise also many others from the numerous Croatian postcards.

Crystal clear sea is not only a tourist phrase, you can be convinced of its colour, flavour and scent once you dive into it.

You can choose between smaller beaches where you will find a corner for yourself, rocky beaches where you can hide and also jump, up to those which you will enjoy having a drink in the near-by bar. All the beaches are appropriate for families with children. The gravel is pleasant to walk on; it is especially recommended to walk on it if you have flat feet.

You will find the most secluded beaches in Vruja.

On most beaches parasols, sun-lounges and foot driven boats are rented out. It is also possible to rent engine boats keeping our tradition, water scooters and do parasailing.

Aqua aerobic takes place at the Maestral beach; check the time of aqua aerobic in the animation programme that we have prepared for you.

A children’s playground is located along the Soline beach.

Enjoying and relaxing, rest your eyes on the beautiful islands across and the powerful Biokovo mountain behind you, from which our beautiful beaches stem from. A long time ago they came down with brooks and cuts up to the very sea, creating thus a small paradise only for us.

The rest of the available activities you can find here.

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The Blue flower award 2012.

Croatian National Tourist Board BLUE FLOWER action includes evaluating the tidiness of Croatian coastal resorts as a whole and the individual elements.

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