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Lungo Mare - The path of vitality

Even though people feel well also during walks through a park or a forest, a stay by the sea awakens positive feelings which are soothing, and the person feels as if he or she had recharged his or her batteries. The sea air contains negative ions and ozone which encourage deep breathing and fill us with life energy.

The promenade along the sea as far as Brela extends from Jakiruša to Berulija is 7 km long and, if you feel ready, you can extend it to other towns of the Makarska Riviera.

Regardless whether you walk or ride a bike, a normal physical effort suffices for you health, which is 150 minutes of exercise a week. This is enough for the heart to start working faster.

Recommendation: When you go for a walk, wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Breathe in with full lungs and start! On the first day walk for 30 minutes. For the first 5 minutes warm up walking lightly, and in the past 5 minutes slow down. Fast walking on the first day of exercise should take 10 minutes maximum. Make short steps, bend your arms in the elbows under a 90° angle and keep them at the level of your waist with your shoulders relaxed. Start the walk 3 times a week and then every day. Walk whenever you can. With time slowly increase the duration of your walk until your reach 60 minutes.

You may do the promenade also by Nordic walking. This is an activity that engages almost all large muscles in the body, and it also ensures favourable conditions for the circulatory system operation. Besides, Nordic walking is intended for all ages, so that the activity can be practiced by children, adults and the elderly.

We recommend organised walks 3 times a week with the supervision and a programme of a professional guide!

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The Blue flower award 2012.

Croatian National Tourist Board BLUE FLOWER action includes evaluating the tidiness of Croatian coastal resorts as a whole and the individual elements.

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