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Welcome to Brela, spring of beauty!

Nestled under the steep slopes of the majestic Biokovo Mountain, framed by a string of pebble beaches, lies the small Dalmatian town of Brela.  The allure of Brela is hard to resist especially if you are a nature enthusiast. The stunning landmarks of Brela that spread out against the imposing backdrop of towering Biokovo Mountain, immersed in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, scented as they are by the perfume of centuries - old pine trees, immortelle, rosemary and other lush vegetation, will leave you with everlasting memories.  Summer or winter, bura wind lashing against your face or warm rays of sun caressing your cheeks, Brela makes for the perfect vacation in every season for all those trying to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

From beachfront to mountain accommodation units, from units located in the town centre to the ones in the surrounding villages, Brela’s accommodation options are ideally situated, and make for the perfect base from which to explore this hidden gem. Come and find out why so many tourists choose Brela as their favourite go-to vacation destination and let us show you the true meaning of hospitality!

Welcome to our town, welcome to Brela!

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